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Let the sun shine ... history

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June, 1 2008 :

I hit upon this idea years ago, besides all the other ideas I hit upon ;-), but the final break-through came on June, 1 2008, when I visited the climate fair in the Mariagaard school in Wetteren. After collecting all kind of information, I finally decided to go for it. The requests to get additional information and quotations where mailed to several companies. All I could do was ... wait for their replies.

September, 12 2008 :

The die is cast ... the order is signed. Thank you very much Matthias (customer advisor) and Patrick (technical support manager) for the advice and the service you provided.

October, 23 2008, 7 am :

After months of gathering information, comparing quotations and making a decision, I finally moved to the next phase ... the installation of the solar panels. I was hardly awake when the door-bell sounded. A truck driver unloaded his cargo. A few minutes later, a small pile of solar panels (that's all ? ;-) was laying in my front garden.


Around half past 7, Dieter and Jonas, two installers without any fear of heights, started to assemble everything on the roof. Everything passed of smoothly. They did notice the roof wasn't as straight as they thought it would be. The roof definitely showed a subsidence. Because of that, the roof part in the middle, horizontally as well as vertically, was laying deeper than the rest. Fortunately, this did not cause any major problems.

October, 23 2008, 4.30 am :

Approximately 9 hours after they started to install the panels on the roof and after assembling the inverter in the garage, we were able to measure the very first electricity production. Thanks to the monitor that came with the solar system, I was able to observe how the system achieved.

Let the sun shine !

December 2008 :

About two months later ... I managed to collect the inverter's data and make it available on 'the net'. You'll be able to check the result when you select one of the menu options above. You'll see the number number of KWh per week, per month, per year, etc.

Unless Murphy minds my affairs, the graphics are updated several times per hour. This way you'll be able to see the most recent data.

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